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Xtrem Gainer (7lbs)
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Xtrem Gainer (7lbs) Xtrem Gainer (7lbs) Xtrem Gainer (7lbs)

Xtrem Gainer (7lbs)


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Approx. 49 servings 

Xtrem Gainer is a complete product conceived to insure optimal recovery after a workout, game or competition. In addition to creatine monohydrate and glutamine, it contains 0.6g of fat 17g of proteins and 39g of carbs per scoop. This mix allows a proteins-carbohydrates ratio between 1 for 2 and 1 for 4. This ration is highly recommended in post-effort drinks in order to get optimal glycogen restoration and proteins synthesis. Also this post-effort combination will help you lower your level of cortisol; the stress hormone, inevitably improving your muscle gain.

Glutamine is a very important amino acid due to its implication in various functions of the human body. In fact, a glutamine supplement could improve your immune system and digestive system since it's the main source of energy of rapidly dividing cells (lymphocytes, enterocytes). Furthermore, it plays a big role in protein synthesis and is recognized to improve general health, cognitive functions, and physical well-being.

Finally, Creatine is the first energy source used by the body when it comes to strength, speed and power. Creatine supplementation helps provide our system a key element called ATP. With more ATP, athletes are able to produce energy in an optimal way during their training and/or competitions. The athletes will then be able recover faster between workouts/competitions.

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