PERFORM (680g)
PERFORM (680g)
PERFORM (680g)

PERFORM (680g)

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  • Formula highly concentrated in amino acids
  • Supports brain functions: memory, concentration & information processing
  • Delays negative effects related to lactic acid
  • Promotes nitric oxide (NO) production
  • Increases mental awareness
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Increases Vasodilatation
  • Preserves muscle fibers during physical activity (anti-catabolic)
  • Without stimulants
  • Without carbohydrates
  • Without creatine



1 container = 680g

20 servings

1 serving = 34g

Take 1 serving 20 minutes before physical activity

Mix with water


Here is why this highly concentrated amino acid formula is unique. For each 34G (1 scoop) Perform contains 26G of amino acids that have been carefully selected to give you the best anti-catabolic mix with no stimulants, no carbs and no creatine.

Perform’s formula allows athletes to stay powerful and explosive until their last second of effort.

6 grams of L-Arginines will not only help the protein production process but also improve your blood vessel dilatation. Better blood flow creates a better nutrients and oxygen distribution in the body.

2 grams of Beta-Alanine will delay the negative effects of lactic acid and work together with creatine.

3 grams of L-Tyrosine improve cognitive functions and concentration while in physical and/or mental stress, accumulated during a workout.

12 grams of BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine) prevents your body from going in a catabolic state and use the amino acids that are stored in your muscles.

*Every AthleteNation Supplement is approved by Health Canada and has a Natural Product Number (NPN). Our Supplements are made in a Canadian Factory, which is GMP Certified. (Good Manufacturing Practices)