OMEGA-3 (240 caps)
OMEGA-3 (240 caps)

OMEGA-3 (240 caps)

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  • High-quality source of fish oil
  • High concentration of EPA-DHA
  • Promotes cognitive health and cerebral functions
  • Increases cells protective layers
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Stabilizes the level of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Contributes to improving body composition



1 container = 240 Softgels

120 servings

1 serving = 2 Softgels

Take 2 servings a day: 1 serving at breakfast, 1 serving at dinner


Omega 3 (fish oil) is essential for our organism because it supplies a quality source of fat. It has a positive impact on cognitive health and cerebral functions because the more Omega 3 in the composition of protective layers of cells, the better these cells will function. A healthy nervous system enables us to be stronger, faster, and more powerful.

Omega 3s also act as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory since they have an effect in stabilizing cortisol, the stress hormone. This is an important aspect because after a speed or power training, the body will have endured intense stress and need to recover rapidly. Another interesting aspect of Omegas is that they contribute to the improvement of body composition because of its effects on developing a connection between cell receptors and insulin. Thus permitting the body to adequately manage the amount of glucose consumed and to improve its process to the muscles. If badly executed, this process causes an increase in cortisol, creating an inflammatory response and the body to increase its fat reserves.

It is a great product to use in combination with L-Carnitine, especially for athletes with lower carbohydrate intake.

Ideally, Omega-3 is to be consumed during a meal.

*Every AthleteNation Supplement is approved by Health Canada and has a Natural Product Number (NPN). Our Supplements are made in a Canadian Factory, which is GMP Certified. (Good Manufacturing Practices)