Collagen Protein (2kg)
Collagen Protein (2kg)
Collagen Protein (2kg)

Collagen Protein (2kg)

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  • Lactose Free
  • Bovine Collagen Protein
  • Regenerates joints, tendons and connective tissue
  • Hydrolyzes protein for fast absorption
  • Regenerates muscle fibers
  • Contains essentials amino acids
  • Increases recovery after physical activity



1 container = 4.4lbs

57 portions

1 serving = 35g

1 serving a day and/or 1 serving after workout.

Mix with water or any beverage .

When weightlifting workouts are combined with quality protein consumption such as Collagen Protein, it produces a synergy effect permitting superior muscle growth. Our tendons also benefit from the contribution of protein. This accelerates the repair of damaged tissues and strengthens connective tissues to diminish injury risks.

Protein is important even for endurance activity adepts. Combining proteins with carbohydrates after a endurance training is more effective to reload muscle glycogen reserves than simple use of carbohydrates. This is really important to know because following endurance training the body needs to repair damaged tissues and to restore energy reserves. If an athlete doesn't take this into consideration he won't be able to recover adequately. Recovery being a key element when talking about athletic performance and physical well being, it isn't something to neglect.

Also, Collagen Protein can be useful when having difficulty getting enough protein in meals or when on a diet. For example, people working on the road, people with limited time or food resources, and vegetarians could benefit from a supplementation of protein.