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Power Package Expert


(Creatine, 240 caps)

Creatine is the first energy source used by the body when it comes to strength, speed and power. Creatine supplementation helps provide our system with a key element called ATP. With more ATP, athletes are able to produce energy in an optimal way during their training and/or competitions. A fast and more efficient energy production is very pertinent for power athletes. Also, knowing that recovery is one of the main aspects of an athlete’s preparation, the athlete will also be able to restore his energy reserve (ATP) faster, after a physical stress that requires power or strength. The athletes will then be able recover faster between workouts/competitions and therefore, have the ability to push themselves to a new standard. Furthermore, creatine is an antioxidant, meaning that it can contribute to the reduction of oxidative stress, improve the body's overall recovery and cognitive functions.

It is recommended to consume a total of roughly 2 to 5 grams of creatine a day divided into multiple intakes. For example, 2-3 grams before the effort and 2-3 grams after. Why after? Because like it was explained before, creatine will help you restore your energy reserves (ATP) and recover faster even between your workouts or competitions. Note that a high level of insulin in your body will result in better absorption; it would be good then to consume your creatine with a good source of carbs.



(100 caps)

In addition, to improve mental alertness, caffeine directly stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and improves strength and power of the muscular system. Therefore, power athletes can improve their performance while delaying the tiredness sensation.


Coconut Oil



This coconut oil is excellent to use for cooking because it is organic, virgin, cold pressed, and unrefined. The fats that supply coconut oil to our metabolism are easy to use as a source of energy because they are medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are fats that do not necessitate intervention from the bile or from pancreatic juices to be absorbed by the intestine. As a result these triglycerides constitute an important energy source that is easy to use and that won’t stock up in fat reserves. Coconut oil is a very interesting product to use in combination with L-Carnitine, especially for athletes on a low carbohydrate diet.


Delta Electrolytes

(120 caps)

Delta Electrolytes is the ideal product to stay hydrated without having to drink carbohydrates from sport drinks. By keeping the cells properly hydrated, you can avoid any cramp problems and have well balanced cells for optimal functioning of the muscular system. This also permits correct transmissions of nerve impulses during physical power effort, which is key. Note that with superior quality minerals and high percentage assimilation, no energy is lost during digestion.




Delta-Charge is perfect for athletes in game situations and competition, or simply for athletes looking to get a good amount of carbohydrates through their workout. During a training that consists of repeated power actions for a long period, Delta-Charge is able to nourish the body with key ingredients. In fact, with its three different carbohydrate sources (maltodextrin, dextrose, fructose), it can supply energy for short to extended periods of time.

Not only does Delta-Charge provide you with carbohydrates, precious amino acids are also in the mix: BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine), L-Glutamine, Citrulline malate, and Taurine. They will feed your muscles during effort, permitting you to push the limits of fatigue and keeping you away from muscular catabolism. As a result, the recovery time will be reduced, enabling you to feel better for the next workout. To conclude, this product also contains superior quality electrolytes for complete assimilation, which insures good hydration, reducing the risk of muscular cramps.


Also available in 2KG format


(120 caps)

Omega 3 (fish oil) is essential for our organism because it supplies a quality source of fat. It has a positive impact on cognitive health and cerebral functions because the more Omega 3 in the composition of protective layers of cells, the better these cells will function. A healthy nervous system enables us to be stronger, faster, and more powerful.

Omega 3s also act as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory since they have an effect in stabilizing cortisol, the stress hormone. This is an important aspect because after a speed or power training, the body will have endured intense stress and need to recover rapidly. Another interesting aspect of Omegas is that they contribute to the improvement of body composition because of its effects in developing a connection between cell receptors and insulin. Thus permitting the body to adequately manage the amount of glucose consumed and to improve its process to the muscles. If badly executed, this process causes an increase in cortisol, creating an inflammatory response and the body to increase its fat reserves.

It is a great product to use in combination with L-Carnitine, especially for athletes with a lower carbohydrate intake.

Ideally, EPA-DHA is to be consumed during a meal.

Also available in 240 caps format

Iso Xtrem


Iso Xtrem protein is an ideal protein supplement to contribute in muscle recovery or to compliment a protein deficiency in nutrition. Being an essential source of amino acids, it plays a major role in the synthesis of muscular protein, and it produces and repairs tissues. Iso Xtrem, a 90% Whey Protein Isolate, furnishes the highest biological quality known and is among the best sources of protein to build a strong muscular system. A 30g portion offers 27g of isolate bioactive whey protein, all while being a product without any lactose, carbohydrates, or fats.

When weightlifting workouts are combined with quality protein consumption such as Iso Xtrem, it produces a synergy effect permitting superior muscle growth. Our tendons also benefit from the contribution of protein. This accelerates the repair of damaged tissues and strengthens connective tissues to diminish injury risks.

With its fast assimilation, Iso Xtrem is the best source of protein powder to use immediately after a workout. It can even sustain protein synthesis for up to five hours after use. It is crucial to have a regular protein intake during the day from food or supplements to assure optimal recovery of the muscular system. Recovery, being a key element when talking about athletic performance and physical well-being, is not something that should be neglected.

Also available in 1lbs format

Joint Xtra


When power athletes train, heavy weights are used for very explosive movements, creating an enormous stress on the joints; this is when Joint Xtra comes into play. Offered in a liquid formula to optimize its assimilation, Joint Xtra is made up of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. In addition, this product allows the supply of important nutrients to our organism in order to reduce inflammation in the body. This can be caused by repeated impacts, stress during intense exercise, and also by injuries related to volume of training or tension generated on the joints from power movements.



L-Carnitine 650

(120 caps)

L-Carnitine has many positive effects of health in general and also on physical performance. For example, L-Carnitine facilitates muscle oxygenation by improving blood circulation towards the muscles. More blood to the muscles gives the body the capacity to bring them more nutrients to sustain performance. Concerning power sports, what’s interesting with L-Carnitine is that it will help your body use your fats (lipids) as a source of energy since it is responsible for transporting fats to your cells. So, during the process of creating energy, your organism can use its own fats as the main source of energy.

Noting that lipids (9kcal/g) supply more energy than carbohydrates (4kcal/g), adding Carnitine to your diet is an interesting strategy. It will support your oxidative system by using fats to maintain energy in the long run, saving muscle glycogen and assuring optimal recovery. This product is ideal for athletes concerned with their nutrition and body composition because it nourishes the body in calories without having to increase carbohydrate intake.


Post-Training Xtrem


This product is an anti-catabolic mix of 27g per portion of meticulously chosen ingredients. The fact is, Post-Training Xtrem is more concentrated in amino acids than any other post-workout product on the market.

Here is why Post-Training Xtrem is a priority in nutritional supplements. With its mix of glycine, magnesium glycinate, glutamine, BCAA, and Taurine, Post-Training Xtrem will stabilize your cortisol level after an intense workout. Why is this important? When you train in power, whether it be in the weight room, running sprints, or game time moments, it creates an enormous stress to the organism and the nervous system. They will respond by asking the adrenal glands to secrete cortisol, the hormone related to stress. A high level of cortisol will considerably slow down recovery of the nervous and muscular systems. Recovery being the most important piece of the puzzle in physical preparation, it's vital to assure that the nervous system, the main generator of power, is fresh and ready for the next workout.

Post-Training Xtrem is the ultimate recovery formula free of any stimulants, carbohydrates or creatine.



Pre-Training Xtrem


Here is why this highly concentrated amino acids formula is unique. For each 34g (1 scoop) pre-training contains 26g of amino acids that have been carefully selected to give you the best anti-catabolic mix with no stimulants, no carbs and no creatine.

Pre-Training Xtrem’s formula allow athletes to stay powerful and explosive until their last second of effort. 6g of L-Arginines will not only help protein production process but also improve your blood vessel dilatation. Better blood flow create a better nutriments and oxygen distribution in the body. 2g of Beta-Alanine will delay the negative effects of lactic acid and work together with creatine. 3g of L-Tyrosine improve cognitive functions and concentration while in physical and/or mental stress, accumulated during a workout. 12g of Pure BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine) prevents your body from going in a catabolic state and use the amino acids that are stored in your muscle.

To optimize your performance, it would be recommended to complete Pre-Training with the following productsCAFFEINE and creatine: ABSORB-X


Also available in 480G format

Pro-Vitamin 2.0

(100 caps)

Vitamin and mineral supplements are important for all athletes regardless of their discipline. It is a priority to have a daily consumption of these micronutrients since each has its role in the proper functioning of the human body. For example, some vitamins have a powerful antioxidant role, some minerals will act on bone health, while others regulate the synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

What is even more interesting for power athletes is that certain vitamins/minerals have a proportionate demand to the total energy spent, as well as the metabolism of carbohydrates. The need may be greater in very physically active people and to whom carbohydrate catabolism is important. The source of energy for power athletes is not only necessarily carbohydrates, but they always need it during recovery phases in-between training or competitions.

Ideally, Pro-Vitamin 2.0 is consumed during a meal.




Pure BCAA is the best formula to obtain the highest concentrations of BCAA combined with a great taste. BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) are in fact: L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. They are essential to the human body and are only acquired through nutrition. Furthermore, BCAAs represent more than a third of muscle composition in humans and creates better protein synthesis.

It is important to know that power athletes experience a reduction in levels of muscular protein and that their body undergoes stress caused by muscular tears. That being said, BCAAs reduce the negative impact of this phenomenon by supplying muscles with exactly what they need. The simple act of fueling your body with BCAAs during exercise prevents this muscular catabolism. The body then won't have to seek BCAA it needs in its own muscles. By preserving the integrity of muscle fibers during effort and reducing stiffness afterwards, Pure BCAA boosts recovery, giving athletes a possibility of increasing workout frequency while maintaining high levels of performance.


Also available in 500G and 300G format

Pure Greens



Pure Greens contains phytonutrients that contribute in the maintenance of a strong immune system. In fact, it is a powerful antioxidant source, that helps fight the oxidative stress caused by intense training sessions. Furthermore, this supplement balances the body’s pH by making the organism more alkaline. When we are alkaline, we reduce general body inflammation and reduce the risk of injury. Pure Greens also contain probiotics and digestive enzymes that maintain a healthy intestinal flora and assure proper digestion.

Here is why a power athlete should use Pure Greens: being in an alkaline state can rapidly stop acid accumulation produced during and after effort. Reducing this acid accumulation increases the capacity to sustain intense effort for a long period, reduces cramps, and accelerates recovery. Also, the more a system is alkaline, the more oxygen it will contain, causing to globally improve body pH. Not only do we develop better capacity to use oxygen, but we increase the amount of oxygen available.  This will improve recovery time, which is key for power athletes because when recovery is fast and efficient it lets them push their limits for the next workout, or the next set.




(90 caps)

ZMA+ is a product containing ingredients very useful to optimize sleep. In fact, magnesium is an essential element that contributes to relaxing the nervous system. Having a calm nervous system during the deep sleep phases permits the release of growth hormones. The role of 5-Hydroxytryptophane (5-htp) is to be a serotonin precursor that will favor sleep regulation. Finally there is zinc, this mineral is an essential element to the functioning of over 300 enzymes inside the human body. This makes zinc an important player in the growth and development of the organism, the immune system, as well as in neurologic and reproductive functions. It also contributes positively to the production of testosterone.

Testosterone and growth hormone are two terms that can scare a lot of people when talking about nutritional supplements. Magnesium and zinc are two minerals that the human body is very fond of when comes time to produce its own testosterone and growth hormone. Both of these hormones are essential because they let the body recover between training sessions, recover in sleep, and assure good muscular and physiological health.

Power athletes need at a time strength, speed, and well developed muscular mass. Making ZMA+ an interesting product to take into consideration given its positive impact on hormones, which are the foundations for building a muscular system.


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