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ZMA + (90 Capsules)
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ZMA + (90 Capsules) ZMA + (90 Capsules)

ZMA + (90 Capsules)


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30 servings

ZMA+ is a product containing ingredients very useful to optimize sleep. In fact, magnesium is an essential element that contributes to relaxing the nervous system. Having a calm nervous system during the deep sleep phases permits the release of growth hormones. The role of 5-Hydroxytryptophane (5-htp) is to be a serotonin precursor that will favor sleep regulation. Finally there is zinc, this mineral is an essential element to the functioning of over 300 enzymes inside the human body. This makes zinc an important player in the growth and development of the organism, the immune system, as well as in neurologic and reproductive functions. It also contributes positively to the production of testosterone.

Testosterone and growth hormone are two terms that can scare a lot of people when talking about nutritional supplements. Magnesium and zinc are two minerals that the human body is very fond of when comes time to produce its own testosterone and growth hormone. Both of these hormones are essential because they let the body recover between training sessions, recover in sleep, and assure good muscular and physiological health.

Power athletes need at a time strength, speed, and well developed muscular mass. Making ZMA+ an interesting product to take into consideration given its positive impact on hormones, which are the foundations for building a muscular system.

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