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Coconut Oil



Coconut Oil is excellent to use for cooking because it is organic, virgin, cold pressed, and unrefined. The fats that supply coconut oil to our metabolism are easy to use as a source of energy because they are medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are fats that do not necessitate intervention from the bile or from pancreatic juices to be absorbed by the intestine. As a result, these triglycerides constitute an important energy source that is easy to use and that won’t stock up in fat reserves.



(120 caps)

Omega 3 (fish oil) is essential for our organism because it supplies a quality source of fat. It has a positive impact on cognitive health and cerebral functions because the more Omega 3s in the composition of protective layers of cells, the better these cells will function. Omega 3s also act as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory since they have an effect in stabilizing cortisol, the stress hormone. Another interesting aspect of Omega 3s is that they contribute to the improvement of body composition because of its efficiency in developing a liaison between cell receptors and insulin. Thus permitting the body to adequately manage the amount of glucose consumed and to improve the stocking process into the muscles. If badly executed, this process will cause an increase in cortisol, creating an inflammatory response and the body to increase its fat reserves.

Ideally, EPA-DHA is to be consumed during a meal.

Also available in 240 caps format



Glutamine is a very important amino acid due to its implication in various functions of the human body.  In fact, a glutamine supplement improves your immune system and digestive system since it's the main source of energy of rapidly dividing cells (lymphocytes, enterocytes). Furthermore, it plays a big role in protein synthesis and is recognized to improve general health, cognitive functions, and physical well-being.

Another interesting aspect of glutamine is that it participates in regulating sugar level in blood. It is also an alternative source of energy that the brain can use, helping you avoid sugar rages or junk food rages, which is ideal for people who take their nutrition and body composition seriously. To be noted that glutamine combined with glycine will have a very positive impact on your organism.

Also available in 1KG format



Glycine is an amino acid that helps maintain a stable cortisol (stress hormone) level since it possesses a calming action on the neurons and it acts positively on antioxidant enzymes.

Glycine is interesting from a general health point of view. While playing a role in the synthesis of muscular protein, this amino acid will improve the setting aside of glucose as glycogen and is also an essential component of collagen fibers. Moreover, it contributes in reducing level of blood cholesterol and triglycerides. To be noted that glycine combine with glutamine will have a very positive impact on your organism.


Iso Xtrem


Iso Xtrem protein is an ideal protein supplement to contribute in muscle recovery or to compliment a protein deficiency in nutrition. Being an essential source of amino acids, it plays a major role in the synthesis of muscular protein, and it produces and repairs tissues. Iso Xtrem, a 90% Whey Protein Isolate, furnishes the highest biological quality known and is among the best sources of protein to build a strong muscular system. A 30g portion offers 27g of isolate bioactive protein whey, all while being a product without any lactose, carbohydrates, or fats.

Being a very efficient, fast, and delicious source of protein, Iso Xtrem can be useful when having difficulty getting enough protein in meals or when on a diet. For example, people working on the road, people with limited time or food resources, and vegetarians could benefit from a supplementation of Iso Xtrem.

Also available in 1lbs format

Joint Xtra


While providing the advantages of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, Joint Xtra is in a liquid formula to boost assimilation. This product allows the supply of important nutrients to the organism in order to reduce inflammation in the body. Whether this inflammation is caused by chronic problems, repetitive movements at work, or stress endured during physical activity, Joint Xtra will improve your quality of life while reducing the negative impacts from inflammatory problems.



Pro-Vitamin 2.0

(100 caps)

Vitamin and mineral supplements are important for all that are mindful of their health. It is a priority to have a daily consumption of these micronutrients since each has its role in the proper functioning of the human body. For example, some vitamins have a powerful antioxidant role, some minerals will act on bone health, while others regulate the synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Ideally, Pro-Vitamin 2.0 is consumed during a meal.


Pure Greens



Pure greens contain phytonutrients that contribute in the maintenance of a strong immune system. In fact, it is a powerful antioxidant source, this helps fight the oxidative stress caused by stressful situations at home, work, or during physical activity. Furthermore, this supplement balances the body’s pH by making the organism more alkaline. When we are alkaline, we reduce general body inflammation and reduce the risk of injury. Pure greens also contain probiotics and digestive enzymes that maintain a healthy intestinal flora and assure proper digestion.



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