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Creatine-X (300G)
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Creatine-X (300G) Creatine-X (300G)

Creatine-X (300G)


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60 servings

Unlike Absorb-X, this product has a powder form and contains the famous 99% pure monohydrate creatine from XPN.

Creatine is the first energy source used by the body when it comes to strength, speed and power. Creatine supplementation helps provide our system with a key element called ATP. With more ATP, athletes are able to produce energy in an optimal way during their training and/or competitions. A fast and more efficient energy production is very pertinent for power athletes. Also, knowing that recovery is one of the main aspects of an athlete’s preparation, the athlete will also be able to restore his energy reserve (ATP) faster, after a physical stress that requires power or strength. The athletes will then be able recover faster between workouts/competitions and therefore, have the ability to push themselves to a new standard. Furthermore, creatine is an antioxidant, meaning that it can contribute to the reduction of oxidative stress, improve the body's overall recovery and cognitive functions.

It is recommended to consume a total of roughly 2 to 5 grams of creatine a day divided into multiple intakes. For example, 2-3 grams before the effort and 2-3 grams after. Why after? Because like it was explained before, creatine will help you restore your energy reserves (ATP) and recover faster even between your workouts or competitions. Note that a high level of insulin in your body will result in better absorption; it would be good then to consume your creatine with a good source of carbs.

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