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  • Powerful antioxidant source
  • Reduces general body inflammation
  • Balances body pH
  • Contains phytonutrients
  • Supports the immune system
  • Contains probiotics
  • Contains digestive enzymes
  • Promotes healthy intestinal flora
  • Improves digestion



1 container = 300g

33 servings

1 serving = 9g

1 serving a day.

Mix with water or any beverage.


Complete Greens contains phytonutrients that contribute to the maintenance of a strong immune system. In fact, it is a powerful antioxidant source, that helps fight the oxidative stress caused by intense training sessions. Furthermore, this supplement balances the body’s pH by making the organism more alkaline. When we are alkaline, we reduce general body inflammation and reduce the risk of injury. Complete Greens also contain probiotics and digestive enzymes that maintain a healthy intestinal flora and assure proper digestion.

Here is why athletes should use Complete Greens: being in an alkaline state can rapidly stop acid accumulation produced during and after effort. Reducing this acid accumulation increases the capacity to sustain intense effort for a long period, reduces cramps, and accelerates recovery. Also, the more a system is alkaline, the more oxygen it will contain, causing it to globally improve body pH. Not only do we develop a better capacity to use oxygen, but we increase the amount of oxygen available. This will improve recovery time, which is key for athletes because when recovery is fast and efficient it lets them push their limits for the next workout, or the next set.

*Every AthleteNation Supplement is approved by Health Canada and has a Natural Product Number (NPN). Our Supplements are made in a Canadian Factory, which is GMP Certified. (Good Manufacturing Practices)