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Pure Arginine (300G)
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Pure Arginine (300G) Pure Arginine (300G)

Pure Arginine (300G)


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55 servings

Arginine is used by the body to create nitric oxide (NO). Firstly, this will play a key role in the process of building proteins. Secondly, nitric oxide will improve vasodilation; improving the blood flow in the body and allowing optimal nutrients and oxygen distribution. If muscles are better oxygenated and nourished, this will have a positive impact on their performances.

Furthermore, this will improve blood circulation in the entire body, including the cavernous tissues of the male sexual organ. In fact, Arginine is known for its positive effects on male sexual performances.

Increasing the level of arginine will also stimulate the body to produce growth hormones; which is essential to the well being of the muscular system. This way, the recovery will be faster between efforts, allowing optimal performances.

Active individuals are often at risk of overusing their joints and cartilage. Since a supplementation of arginine can help the body to produce collagen, it can be a useful option. Collagen is a protein that is found in different connective tissues like cartilage; it can also support the immune system and play an important role in injury recovery, especially with healing wounds. Pure Arginine is the powder version.

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